Applied A-level questions?

Question:I have enrolment tomorrow and i can't decide between applied science and sociology. both teachers say i should do them, and i can't decide, so i have a few questions to ask...

1. Is it a lot harder from the GCSE applied science
2. Is it worth a 'real' a-level that will get me UCAS points.
3. how many a-levels is it worth.
4. i want to go to uni and do a degree in education, for my 'spare' class (because we have to choose 4) do you think it is best to have a 'real' a-level or will an applied get noticed equally?

I don't know anything about the subjects but applied A levels are seen to be real A levels and therefore the UCAS points are the same.
Some applied A levels are worth 1 a level some 2 it depends on the course structure at your uni.
I would guess that compared with your gcse science it will be harder from experience all A levels are a big jump from GCSEs.
As for your spare class it doesn't really matter what you choose jsut go for whichever one is more appealing to you.
I think you should discuss your options with the teachers now you have your gcse results.
Good luck with whatever you choose
y cant you do them both the more courses the better if you take 8 and fail 4 then it wont matter because you will have enough ucas points i took advanced engineering which is two a levels further maths physics maths biology and english and to my surprise i passed them all now i have enough ucas point to go where ever the hell i want
Ok in fairness unless you wish to do sicence don't get the degree beacuse univeristies count the points you get and the more points the better applied science at A-levle is SO much harder than GCSE i got an A in GSCE and a C in the A-levle and i killed myself for it if you just need the points go for sociology beacuse it also contains alot of things about society that everyone should know about and things about education which are usefull to know for your education degree.
Sociology is a real a-levle just not as hardcore as science unless you wish to do sicence i wouldn't opt for it.
If you sre wanting to do education to go into teaching then take the science, it'll count for more later on having another science qualification.
if you want to teach then applied science will be better for you

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