Back to school?!? looking for backpack?!?

Question:i am in middle school and am looking for a backpack. i cant find anything big enough to carry any book in!! so anyone have any suggestions? i dont want it to be like HUGE!!? or extremely small. since most of these backpacks go from $40 to $100 could u pls make it less than $100? THANKU SO MUCH!!! i really appreciate it. black backpacks would be good by the way! thanks again!!!

Check out this website,

I just bought a Nike duffel bag from them that cost under the retail price tag with shipping included.
I know that tote bags and messenger bags are also becoming really popular this year instead of backpacks. But lots of people still use backpacks too. Try looking at and Pac Sun (the store). They have really cute bags.
staples has jansport bookbags (perfect middle school size!!) for like $20-$30 with a life time garuntee. you can also check out the "tote" style book bag that is in style and has plenty of space for books and accesories. (also cheap)

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