A-levels or International Baccalaureate?

Question:I'm in high school doing the IB but I have a problem with it, I can't seem to cope and always had my mind on A-levels. IB's making me sick but still, it's like the best qualification out there so if I finish it I'll have achieved something super. But A levels are fine too and I always wanted to do them since they're more specialised. Now I have a great dilemma. Please help?

I am doin' my A Level now well AS actually. For me, as what you have on mind. Me myself are thinking about changing to IB, coze from what I noticed is that most schools (international schools) in my country offer IB after a 2-year IGCSE programme and not A-Levels. I have heard a lot of people saying and I did some research, IB is way much easier than A-Levels in some way. That is why most schools would prefer IB.
In A-Levels we could only take 4-5 A Levels at the most(3 is standard), while I suppose that in IB you SHOULD take quite a lot of subjects right? After discussed this matter with my friends, family and teachers. I've made up my mind and I will just continue with my A-Levels as I am already adjusting myself with its IGCSE.
My advice for you is that, you talk to your teachers, parents and friends see if A-Levels programme is convinient for you. A-Levels just like IB is one of the best qualifications so both will actually given you a very wide path to any universities that you want. You might want to change to A-Levels if you feel it is better. But mind you... It is not easy.

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