Abt school, please heeeeeeeeeelp!?

Question:alright i'm srry but i'm kinda freaked out, almost everybody said i will have homework at highschool i'm going to, like most hs give homework.. alright peeps, does this homework effect my live? pleeease tell me! i mean it's okay i will do the school-work and homework, being in school takes 7 hours but what does doing homework take? 2 ,3, 4,5? OH MY GOD i don't want it to be five! :( i mean i need 8 hours at least for sleeping, so think abt it. 20 hours!! what would be left? 4?! GUYS i'm a soccer freak, i watch soccer matches twice aweak and i watch my top fav two cartoons EVERYDAY, they both take 3 hours, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me a school or a way where i do NOT (NEEEEEEEVER) skip my cartooooons?!! :(

Stop fussin. most schools give you a study hour to get some of that done. and if you pay at least some attention during class you'll get by with the homework just fine. the most you'll probably have to worry about is math or english. but you get plenty of time in class to get your typing done. just make sure you get your priorities done first then go to the cartoons. dont be a fool stay in school and do your homework
Well, the amount of homework you have is going to depend on what classes you're taking and how fast you work. If you don't do anything besides your homework (don't watch TV while doing homework) when you're doing it, you'll get it done faster. You can probably work on your homework for the next day if you have some extra time in class too. Homework is as much of a pain as you make it. Some days you might have 5 hours of homework, but you can try to prevent that by not procrastinating on projects and stuff. However, you shouldn't have that much homework every day. If you're worried about missing TV shows, why don't you just record them, and watch them when you have time? Good luck, you'll be fine.
depends on the classes you have...
You are looking at a few hours at least. If you ride a bus that is a great time to do homework. Most classes have quiet time before or after they are over, also a great time to do homework. The more you pay attention in class te easier the homework will be as well. Multitask...do homework while you are glued to the TV (the busy work that doesn't take focus). It isn't that bad and once you sit down and get it done there is no reason it should take 5 hours. Good luck.
dont worry so much. u'll probably have some opportunities at school to finish some homework. when i was in high school a few years ago, i spent an average of 1 hour per night on homework, sometimes 2 but almost never more unless there was a big project or something. even then you get plenty of time. im sure its not going to be bad. if you know anyone like a friend or neighbor who went to that high school, you can always ask them as well. high school is very similar to middle school in terms of homework, if you ask me. maybe just a bit more, but its not like 4 hours a night, no way. good luck! :o)
Depending on your courseload and your strengths (academically), homework could take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours. I remember that if I had math in one semester, I would spend hours trying to do the homework, but if I had art or english or History to do then it would be done in like 15 minutes. It really differs from person to person.
If you cant live without your shows, you could always record them on a tape.but seriously, high school isnt that big of a deal. Lighten up.

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