Are you back in school yet??

no sept. 5. i cant wait. I will be senior and I get to drive to school! : ) Amazing!
August 27
No here in Toms River, NJ we start on September 3rd and we end on June 13th
nope, still got another 2 weeks=D soon itll be the halloween holidays
Nope, :]
i started today.
Nope! I start the 27th of Aug!
yes i started high school on monday
and oh my god
i love it
way better than middle school
i have this huge high school thats about 3 yrs old and it looks like a college campus.
i seem to have more friends this year.
and the days seem to go by a lot faster!
Yeah.. for nearly 2 weeks now, sigh
no i start on august 28... im so nervous
Yeah, we started today.

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