A question about high school fights?

Question:Hi this is a question for people who have been in fights/bullying victims. I take Jiu Jitsu, so i know many K.O. moves such as chokes and key locks. Would i get in more trouble for putting someone to sleep with a choke and ending a fight or punching them in the face? I wouldn't break a body part with a key lock i would just do it until they surrenderd. Remember this is school not the street.

Sounds alot like offensive moves. Why ?, How about just run like hell and honor the art. If you really know as much as you've confidently describe, then back the hell off unless you absolutely have to use it DEFENSIVELY. And yes, it is because it is a school, the threat level is not equivalent to the street. So hand to handcombat is absolutely avoidable if you use your head and HONOR the art by being humble.
yo u know if u knock someone out u would get in more trouble than just hurting him
I was always told that knocking someone out causes more damage than merely hitting them. That being said, most martial artists do not willingly use what they know against someone unless it absolutely necessary. I would suggest trying some other way of removing yourself from a conflict because even if you do no damage you are STILL fighting and you will be subject to the discipinary code.

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