Any good "getting to know you" games to play with 1st graders?

Question:I'm starting my fourth year teaching 1st grade tomorrow, and this year, I have 11 out of 20 students who didn't go to our school in kindergarten, so I am looking for some sort of a game (not just sharing information) that is fun and simple and will help the little ones get to know each other more quickly. Thanks! :)

What one of my former teachers had done was she would have each os us tell the class something about ourselves and then she would go around and each person would have to say the name of one person and the thing and they said about themselves. I think it would be even better if you gave a piece of candy to the kids for remembering.
Just make a bingo board and have the center be the free space obviously. On each square it will have a ques ton or statement and the kids will have to find a student that matches the statement. for example one square could have "Favorite Color is Red" or "Favorite Sport is Baseball" or other simple things like that. once you find some one that fits the statement then you just have the person who fit the statement write there name of the other persons card. this will get them talking to the other students and can be used to learn there names.
the person above me is what my teachers had me do in 6th and 7th grade but for names you can do Who took the cookie from the cookie jar.
You will find a ton on the net. Check out hope that helps. It will give you ways to building a community, etc...

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