Apprehension 4 high school!!?

Question:i'm worried because i am in the ib program and tech program and my high school and im gonna b a freshmen. i am really scared 4 my homework load and friends. all my other friends went to a high school near our houses. mine is 45 min away on bus! i only know a couple of people going there!

You'll be fine. Breath in confidence, breathe out apprehension. Sounds like you're getting a quality education.
You may want to finish homework early to extend time for contact with old and new friends. You're in the company of many sharp 9th graders. Breathe----
Awwwwww Sweetie,

You aren't alone . Almost all freshman are worried about something when changing to high school. Sounds like you are a high achiever. Yes, the homework load will be a bit heavier than your used to, but if you have good study habits, you will do just fine. As for friends. High school is such a different world. I am telling you the truth, even if you went to the same one your old friends are going to, within weeks you would have found most of you gravitating to new friends and interests. Rule of thumb..Be yourself, and don't be fake. Think about all the new friends you are going to meet. I swear, this is the time of your life you will always look back to when you are older. Remain positive, and smile, Sweetie!

Good Luck!

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