A few questions on Middle School...Help?!?

Question:It's not that nervous or anything. I just feel a little weird and all because I've heard middle school is extremely full of drama. The problem is that...I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to get into dramatic situations and incidents, but always does! It'll be more troublesome in MS! Any tips for me to avoid my problem?

Oh one more question, does Middle School allow you to put decorations on your Binder? Like pictures and such?

~ Davey

As long as you mind your own business you should be able to stay away from the drama. When you see drama start, walk away. Don't gossip or get involved in gossip.
And yes most ms let you decorate your binder, as long as it's not offensive.
Just follow the rules, and try and stay out of trouble. Yes, you can decorate your binder.
ok well to answer the question about the pics on your notebook and stuff, well it al depend on your class, but probably, also about the drama thing, what i recommend it dont spread gossip! seriously dont do it at all! Even if you think you can trust the person don't talk about ppl badly, even if you dont like them, thats the best way, because once gossip starts to spread thats when all the drama comes, well good luck! =))
hah so im a 16 year old girl my life is drama. and i got through middle school just fine. you just have to know how to deal with it. most of the drama is the she said he said stuff or who likes who. its not that big of a deal. just pick who your friends are. guys dont really seem to get into drama the more you hang out with girls or the more girls like you is when the drama will start! just chill out about it, its a fact of life youll get though it its not that bad-trust me! im like the biggest drama queen and i didnt think it was bad at all. yea for sure about the decorations you can put anything on your binder that you want. why not make school more fun, eh!

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