Advice for freshman?

Question:i am starting high school this year and need some advice.

Don't get involved in gangs.

Always keep your head high.

Don't let anyone push you around.

Don't try to be cocky your first year.

Try to be friendly to everyone even if you don't like it.

For these four years, you can't afford to screw up.

Your next four years in college depends on it!
yea stop worrying so much..
highschool is actually fun and i remeber my freshman year being the best..
it will help if u join something and fit in ,, like sports or something
-Hang with a good crowd
-Don't get involved in dating right away. That ALWAYS ends up being a mess (just visit the dating section of Answers to realize that)
-Don't procrastinate on your homework. Study for tests at least 2 days before they arrive.
-Get involved in at least 1 or 2 different activities (ie. sports team or a debate club). You won't regret it and you'll make friends with people who share the same interests. a yearbook every year!

I just graduated from high school, just so you know. I think that everyone should know those things! Have fun!
hmm well i was a freshman last year.. and some tips..
- dont let the other kids pick on you, just cuz yr younger doesnt mean they can
- stick with a buddy if you get lost , help ya get to class or lunch or just someone to talk to during classes
-NEVER BE LATE! they hate that, if its like the first week they understand but afterwords, some teachers don't like it...
-Also join clubs, get into sports, DO SOMETHING!
high school is supposed to be the fun and last 4 years of your teenage-hood you have, ENJOY IT!
-Also i learned never make fun of teachers, unless you are definetly alone and with friends. lol jk

and if you need any other tips and stuff don't be afraid to email me or anything
I'm starting high school too and when I asked my brother for advice he told me to join the groups like all the sports I wanted to and just not to worry "high schools is the greatest time of your life," haha. Don't procrastinate and to go up and talk to new people because not everyone is going to come up to you. Anyway... good luck! I'm scared too! and smile, girls like it ;)
dude pay attention in class. i never did my work and now im a freaking freshmen again this year.
Don't stay up this late once school starts. lol
High school is really no big deal. I remember being a freshmen and i was so scared but its really no big deal. Just be yourself, but don't clog the hallways (:

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