Back 2 school?

Question:who doesnt want 2 go back 2 school ?why?

I got ur mail today.

Well,i don't know ur name..n u didn't say me too.
let me ask u, how do u know me??

who sead u that am also from ''IISJ''???

but u r in the boys section n me in the girls not sooo famous in our school...!!

yeah.i hate going back to school after 2 n half months..

Hey.just say me who likes to go to IISJ? it is the stupid school ever...Dont u think so? I knw i must not say anything bad abt our but still that is true.right...

Now days they r very strict to girls...they do body checking every day u know!! I knw its all cuz of boys.!

so u must be waiting to c ur marks right?All the best..
me too.!Am really in big tension. only one day is left to school.!!

ok study well n dont fail in 11th.da same thing which u sead me.

well,my name is not fanaa.its sana...
''fanaa means destroy in love''...

ok i'll reply to ur mail soon.

take care..bye...
well i like going back to school but wat makes me hate school over and over is the rule i hate to live by rules
I like it just fine...But not getting up at 6:30. I also hate the bus. I don't like little kids, especially not at 7 in the morning. Plus in the afternoon they're way worse, so I avoid the bus as much as possible. Other than that, I like school. Except my boyfriend goes to college classes in the afternoon so I don't get to see him...that pretty much sucks :p but yea...It's all good
Almost Everybody including me and you.
Who wants to disturb his sleep at 7 or 8 early morning ?

Who wants to listen to those lectures for hours ?

Who wants to take down notes and submit assignment ?

Who wants to do follow shitt rules and get punished ?

No one. Better enjoy life. Do a job from starting and master the feild you like in studies.

I mean , if you are interested so much in computers why learn biology ?
If interested in Business and Marketing, why learn higher mathematics.
If interested in Music , why learn Darwins laws /?

Best, start on whatever you want to be after the highschool.
Till there its fine.
Whenever i see SCHOOL GIRLS N BOYS,
i remember my school days...

I specially remember my 12th STD...

I have lot of hard work in 12th to get 80% marks...

I woke up at 4:00 a.m.

I remember rainy season, winter and summer of EARLY MORNING...

I like it...

I wanna go school...

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