Are our Teacher's in schools doing much needed effort to teach the child?

Are you kidding me? YES!!!!!!!!
Yes. But their efforts go for naught if the children won't learn. It's a two way street, you know.
Some teachers do work hard for a childs education... some others do not...
If a TEacher is really determined well the answer is YES...
There are bad teachers.There are good teachers.There are great teachers.But reguardless of a teacher's ability' they are limited by the curriculum the schools use.Government schools are a joke.
well coming from "the childs" perspective I do indeed concur with the query that the teacher is passing his fruits of knowledge onto the learner.
Moreover, as Newton once said
"The pulley is only fueled by thick string"
Yes we are , and my question is are parents doing their part ?schooling doesn't stop in the school it should be carried on to the home where parents are involved in their child's education !!
nowadays teaching is the most difficult job to do... you know... and I think all teachers try to do best for their children...

God help them ! :) again varies from prson to person...teacher to teacher.these days education has bcome a money minting profession.. most of the colleges and schools just open thm ...for the sole purpose of making mula..but still there are teachers who take pride and efforts in imparting compltly depends on the student.morover the ciriculum thse days is infact getting tougher and tougher..i say the teachers are doin ok to teach the child.
Here in the states, no. They are more like glorified babysitters. They are more likely to pass a kid along through the grades because its easier than making them learn the curriculum. They are more inclined to do the 'nice' thing than the right thing
no, although some of them may.
teachers are limited on what they teach because the government rules the schools anymore. they need to go back to the old school ways of teaching the 3 rs. reading riting and rithmetic. i spell these like this because this is how it was explained .kids can't read , they can't write nor do they know how to add .these are the basics for knowing how to survive in life.
Most teacher will say yes and some truely are but htere are alot of politics involved when you have 20 plus kids and some may need to be taught spereatley or a differant way there is not enough time for the teacher to do it. Thats when the ones slip through the cracks... The teacher has to choose to teach the way that will educate the majority of the children. and of course for older grades the children actually have to participate in their education.
teachers are in a pitiable state, children want to have fun too, learn through playway method or through songs and what not the children have changed a lot and it is pretty tough.
they are caste divided.
Not at my high school, about 70-80% of the staff worry about dress code violations more then education , they could care less if u have straight C's but if u untuck your shirt or sag or wear different colored shoes,or do ANYTHING to violate the dress code ur going straight to detention and have a referral to the dean now

oh yeah to St. Bernard High School in playa del rey,ca
and dont ever send your kids there !

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