Advanced 7th grade math vs. regular math?

Question:i just moved back to broward schools, and was put in a normal seventh grade classes. i asked my teacher, and he said that the school did not have my records, and i could not transfer to advanced. but my dad talked to the counsler and found out i was eligble for advanced. but i would have to switch to a tottally different team, i really dont know any one, but i know my classmates. and theres this guy who i like, and he talks to me alot. but i dont know if we would still have lunch together. so my question is should i sacrifice highschool credit for boy, of boy for highschool credit?

you should switch the class.
i'm a sucker for romantics but this is a class that can help you in life.
if the boy talks to you a lot now, then why would he stop after you switch out of a class?
if he does, well, then you don't need him anyway.

good luck on making a decision.
I think its totally your choice.
But if you really like this kid then I say why not.
You can take summer school to make up for that credit.
i think u should switch.
cuz im goin 2 algebra this year and i wouldnt go back just for a boy.but its ur just sayin that there r a lot of guys out there and u only hav this one chance really for algebra so u could be smarter in high school.or else u'll hav 2 take it next year!
Boy for highschool credit. Boys are not forever and he might not like you and if you sacrifice your highschool credit and pick the boy and find out he doesn't like you then your highschool credit might be gone forever.

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