What's the best opening to skip college lacking person caught?

Well I just don't want to stir to school for a light of day. But when I don't go to institution they call my parents and voice that I haven't been at institution. And where should I obscure? There's an overly expensive neighborhood right beside our school that hold fully-furnished model houses. It's pretty cool. But I don't know if they unlock them after I leave the house (7:50-8:00 AM). My academy starts at (8:20) and it's a public school. I turn to a Middle School and I'm in 8th echelon.

Answers:    Trust me, DONT SKIP SCHOOL. Im currently a Freshmen also known as freshmeat.. but i skipped arts school once and they called my parents.. I get in alot of trouble and parents are prearranged for coming to school to "investigate." If you do skip find out a route that they wont call your parents.. and walk somewhere that your parentsdont go because if they see you ur surrounded by serious trouble
iv done it many times.and be caught a few times.i found it works best to go the first term then thieve off. Its harder and smaller number fun if u cant drive

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