Are mechanical pencils #2 pencils?

Question:because i love using those so are you allowed to use them in the middle school grades?

What makes a number two pencil is the hardness of the lead and most pencils macanical or regular pencils are number two. If they're not you'll notice imediatly because number one pencils are too soft to write with and number three's are too hard. You shouldn't have any problems. Some of my friend's teachers wanted them to only use regular pencils for scan tron tests but I haven't had any problems and very few people use regular pencils at least in my school. Make sure you have blue and black ink pens too. Have fun in Middle School! (As much fun you can have at school)
yes they are, but check the package just in case. check with your school to see if allowed, each district will have different rules. should be allowed.
well... in my school im allowed to use them

maybe they allow it in your school too.
Yes I think that many are number 2. It should say somewhere on the pack when you buy them if they are or not. You might want to check with your teacher first. Some do not let their students use them. This is because the lead breaks off and then gets rubbed all over the desk and stuff. So some teachers feel they are more distracting and dirty than they are worth for middle school students.
yes and yes most of the time you would need to check to make sure the led you are putting into the pencil is #2
You should check your pencil. Most pencil print the number on it, but it's usually #2.
yes just check the packages cause they make some that arnt/
yes...the 0.7 hb leads are #2 pencils

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