Are there any early reader websites? Or recommended books?

Question:Our son just turned 6 and is entering kindergarten. He is reading some at home. He now can readily read through the beginner "Dick and Jane" reader we have at home with few mistakes. can you suggest websites he might like to read or books he might like to read next?

Congratulations on teaching your son to read! I hope he is my class this year!

Visit your local library, there are oodles of books for him there!

When your son does start kindergarten, watch his backpack for the reading club flyers. You can buy affordable books for him and his teacher can give you suggestions based on his reading level.

There are so many good books for beginning readers that it is difficult to come up with a good list. Consider what type of things interest him and try to find some books about those subjects.

Donald Crews has a long list of books that appeal to boys with titles such as Freight Train.

Margaret Hillert has another long list of books for beginning readers.

School is starting in a few weeks. When you go in to meet his teacher, ask her for some recommendations (she will be doing assessments during the first weeks of school to determine his reading level and then it will be much easier for you to get books on his "level") or stop in the school media center and have a chat with the media specialist...she will be happy to see you!

For websites, would be appropriate. is great, but it is not free. Personally, I prefer my beginning readers to use books for reading so that they become very comfortable with the concepts of print and how to handle books with table of contents and indexes, etc. We do use some websites such as starfall and razkids (which offers leveled readers)

Please can he be in my classroom??
I would try the following sites:

They are full of learning games (reading mostly, but other subjects as well).

I would also look into Brown Bear, Brown Bear and other similar Bill Martin, Jr. books. Anything with repetitive text is excellent for beginning readers!
courdoroy :D
i used to love that book
that and anything dr suess

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