Question:does this sound like a good mix of subjets to choose?
english literature
im defineately going to do english literature and media because i wanted to do them from before. and those are also the subjects where i got the best gcse results..
so do those 4 sound like a good balance?

If you are passionate about psychology and history. If you are not very passionate about a subject, you may find it hard to get very good grades in them.

Psychology and history does not incorporate as much reading as english lit does so workload wise it is a good mix.

In terms of how complementary they are, they are very different and one subject does not necessarily help the other. e.g. if you did 2 sciences, you can transfer skills in experimentation or if you did economics and geography you can share what you know in economics and apply that to geography.

Good luck.
cannot see where history fits in to those
do they do sociology instead at your college/school
Wouldn't it be a nice idea to learn how to spell before taking a course in English?
The subject mix is probably not too bad but don't they teach students to use capital letters, spell and compose sentences properly when they study English these days?

When I was at school you wouldn't have passed the 11+ if you'd produced something like this.
Its a good mix and match according to me. Every one has different opinions. So, i think you've made a good blend of subjects. moreover history is good for scoring. and if u r interesed in the other 3 so these will prove the best to you. You've balanced the subjects perfectly. i respect your opinion but you could have taken geography instead of history 'cause in history dates are very important and if your mind power is so much to learn all the dates perfectly, then hats off for you else take geography. it will be easier i'm telling you. but this is just a suggestion and is not binding . so take it as an advice from your welwisher. Thank yah!
do you know what you want to do after alevels cos that is probably main reason for choosing certain alevels.

i did my alevels at evening class and have psychology and sociology. They are very similar topics but that isnt a problem. I think this is a good range esp. with history and literature.

Certain degrees may not accept media - but you can check out university courses you are interested in. Even phone up the uni andask what you would need and in what subjects.

good luck
It sounds very good to me. History and English are the most similar, but if you like literature then you should do it and History always useful.

If you want to check what subjects you need for any university courses then check out the UCAS site.

Best of luck.

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