Are there still cliques in high school? What are the main ones at your school?

Question:Used to be like punks, jocks, preps etc.

Usually people just change themselves in high school, but hang out with their old friends. For example, one of my best friends started wearing "gothic" clothing in 9th grade, but she was still one of my best friends, I consider myself a "Preppy loser" by the way. She hardly hangs out with other goths, but if she does it doesn't matter.

There's pretty much Dorks who love being dorks, preps, guys who play sports, girls who play sports, and obviously the guys who play sports date the girls who play sports and the preps date preps and Dorks who love being dorks date Dorks who love being dorks. And then there's also goths/emo, but they're usually friends with just about everyone. So it's not like we're all conforming against each other, pretty much anyone can make it into whatever group, or at least talk to whoever they want.
not cliques but groups... they don't fit into one category but there are lots of random people that you always see together... some of them are in band sorts ap classes but they all hang out together... and well i guess one clique would be punk/goth
Not really, I mean...

Not the way tv portrays it. It's not like there are rigid groups that always stick together, and it's not like you need to belong to one.

There are jocks/preps, but unless you make fun of them or bug them it's not like they're going to harass you or beat you up. There are "nerds" but they don't all wear sweater vests and glasses.

Most people don't have these my school, there aren't exactly cliques but groups, groups of friends. It's not so rigid, and most people don't belong to the "typical" cliques.
I'm in middle school but there r cliques. However, they r not all cliches.
-popular people (girls who r all skinny and rich and wear abercrombie and hollister that gossip about people) (boys who r stupid and perverted jocks)
-people who wear abercrombie and could be popular but r just too openly bitchy
-dumb dorks
-people of color (African Americans, Indians, etc)
-trouble makers
-quiet, shy, but nice people
-plus size people

there r more but w/e.
of course people hang out outside their cliques but these r the main ones.

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