Any advice on high school?


- don't get involved in too much drama
- join clubs and activities
- approach people in all grades, so then you'll have a wider range of friends, and older people to give you advice
- be outgoing, just talk to people


- don't fall behind now, it might seem as though college is a long way off but it isn't, and even your grades from freshman year matter
- don't procrastinate!
- for english (class), the online guides really help, at least in summarizing the i suggest reading the book first, and then reading plot summaries so you have a good grip on what's gonig on
- sometimes teachers assign homework that isn't handed in or graded (especially in math)...don't neglect these assignments! they help in preparing for tests/quizzes

Just stay calm, relax, and don't stress yourself out! People tend to pile too many things on their plate and feel overwhelmed, so make sure you know your limit! And enjoy your years in high school! Before you know it, you will be a senior and will be almost ready to leave!
Study hard so you can go to college and be successful person and a productive member of society. People who aren't educated have a much harder time making it in the world. It's more than worth it.
I'm going to HS this coming school year, and my thing is not to deal with drama. thats junior high stuff. stay friends with good people and focus on home work, it will screw you over if you don't do it. haha. i had 3 siblings go through it, that was their advice to me.
Don't hang out with the wrong croud. Don't be infuenced by drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Other than that, you should be fine.
that it's way better then middle school and get more freedom
as a 2007 graduate!!

do all homework
make sure your organized
pay attention to your teachers

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