Applied and academic subjects in high school?

Question:Is applied subjects for stupid people? Is it like in middle school and elementary school where there was special ed? Will there be people in applied classes who didnt take special ed in middle school or elementary?

No it's not for stupid people. It's for people who have a different way of, in academic, i find, It's more paperwork and lectures, while applied is more hands on stuff..
Truth be told, I personally think it is a better idea to take Academic because then you can't limit yourself. Whereas with Applied, if you decide you want to head to University, you wont get in. While if you want to go to College/Apprenticeship you'd still be fine.

I don't believe that some people can't do Academic - I believe they are to lazy to put in the effort for it. A lot of people who can do Academic choose not to out of sheer laziness and regret it in the future.

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