Back to school pranks?

Question:Does anyone have some school pranks i can pull off this year... they can be bad or good. Pranks i could get in trouble, pranks just to fun , pranks to hurt someone... I really Don't care... I just want to get some ideas for this year of school!

Anyone have some good school pranks?

Greased Pig released in the hallway.

A few thousand grasshoppers released in the hallway.

(Pretty much anything as long as it's released in the hallway and hard to catch)

Plastic wrap on toilet seats
I'm sure there's a website for this.if not I'll start one. heh.

This is an easy trick that you can pull on a teacher:
Once I poured salt and toothepaste in my teachers coffee when he wasn't looking, and he never found out it was me! ahahah

Much harder cause you might get into trouble
Pull out teachers chair when isn't looking ahahahhaha funny, but once again the teacher might see you do it

Release spiders in the classroom (classic)

Another classic;
Realesing a stink bomb in the hallway

Can't think of anymore so thats all I have right now..

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