A story line for 2nd/3rd grade boyz & girls? Ideas anyone?

Question:I have to write a story for 2nd graders.
It has to teach a lesson.
I've thought of some ideas but I want to see if anyone other than myself has some other ideas.
I've never written anything a little kid could relate to or anything!!

Think about a lesson you learned when you were between the ages of 7-9. Children that age generally need to be wary of strangers, are starting to have chores, have to share swings and other playground equipment, need to listen to the teacher and not giggle and talk during class, they lose things (often favorite things) easily, sometimes are afraid of the dark, are learning the importance of helping others, don't always wash their hands, and are prone to accidents (bike riding, running, trying new things without thinking first). Perhaps you can write a story about one of those ideas.

Go to the library, or to someone you know has 2nd or 3rd graders. Peruse their books to see how long the book should be, level of vocabulary, etc.. Children that age typically still read books with pictures, though by the end of 3rd grade I believe they start chapter books.

Good luck!

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