Any advice for a freshman?

Question:Yay! I 'm finally in high school, it's been great so far.
any advice to a freshman?

Just like I tell any other freshman: Always, always, ALWAYS be yourself. That is the number one thing I can tell any freshman. Never ever lose your identity for the sake of popularity or friends you THINK you want. You're human, you're never going to be accepted by everybody. You're going to come against adversity from others. It's okay. Always remember if people don't like you, you're doing something right. Everybody isn't supposed to like you. You might have a lot of people to like you, but there'll be somebody who won't. Go ahead and get used to it now before you lose yourself completely in highschool. These years are important, not necessarily for education, but for character.

Trust me, when you allow yourself to be who YOU are, your friendships will be much more sincere. You will be happy because you're doing what you want to do because you want to do it. Never live for others; always live for yourself. Your happiness depends on it. Enjoy yourself and have fun!!
I'm a freshman in high school too. (;
I have been to the orientation; and it's almost the same as middle school except there are way more people. Hahaha.

Anyway...Just do well in high school, get good grades and stuff for college.
im becoming one on monday haha ... just dont ask any upperclassmen for directions if youre lost.
be yourself, avoid drama, don't dwell on the little things, dont do anything with serious consequences

high school is only 4 yrs..dont make a mistake thats gonna last for 7 or more...yeah make friends but realistlly after you graduate you may only still keep in contact with a couple of them (not even 10!) so dont sweat the lil stuff like rumors.just go through have a blast so when its over you can say man that wuz fun

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