Advice on which a levels to choose?

Question:I have to choose four. I am definitely want to do an english, either literature, language or combined and Religious studies. I am debating whether to choose history or politics. I was also going to choose photography but am unsure now. I like making films (at an amateurs level) so maybe film studies or something? arrghh so many options.

Any advice please?
Thanks :)

Forget what the first guy said he's stuck up himself, you can add history to what you have already chosen, as it goes well together, it depends on what you want to do in life really, as long as you are doing courses that you can get A-B's in, it doesnt matter, english lit and land, RE and history go well together,,,, socioliogy also goes well with them,,,,and to be even better you ay add a science, eg, psychology, which has no coursework,, its totaly up to you, but im sure deep down u know what u want to do

i would do
english (whichever)
U might try mediatsudies, if u like films and that,,photographies good aswell but time consuming, the first nes u pick need looooads of extra time for u to do well in

good luck
im tryin to guide you as no-one guided me in the beginig, but now i know what im doin,,,,, im doing,, biology, psychology and history,,, im aiming for AAA,,,,
Who am I to give advice? No one really , so it may seem hurtful for me to say the subjects you have named seem completely irrelevant !
English? why, what will that do for you? Surely a few different languages would be more beneficial? Your English seems good to me.
Religious studies?
Again why? I treat religion as a hobby, I am anti all religion, but it is an interesting subject and can see no future in it, any of them.
Photography? With today's technology you can do whatever you want with any photo, not really an art form is it?
Right having now shattered your dreams and aspirations/ What can I say to help?
Only this, the world is your oyster, you must sit down and make up your own mind what you want to be in life, If ou want to be a female vicar then your religious studies would be very handy if you ever came across the likes of me.
Give it a lot of thought, Doctor, vet, engineer you name it, aim for it and good luck!
Ignore what the other guy posted... english and R.E are respected A levels. English literature is the best to do of all the 'englishes' because thats the one universities want most (and its prettymuch the only one they accept if you want to do english at uni..). R.E. is half religion, half philosophy, and will train you in arguement.. so is good for things like law at uni. I dont think photography/film studies are very good, unless you want to take those subjects after your A-levels.. in which case go for it! I would however recommend you choose either a language or a science (psychology, chemistry, maths, physics, biology, geology etc) as your fourth choice because they are VERY highly sought after by employers/unis! :-)

Hope this helps
Do Eng lit + Rs

What do you want to be when youre older?
Maybe choose media, as you make films etc but its a part of English, so maybe do that instead if Eng Lang.
Which do you prefer, history or politics?

I think you should choose a science or social science, as sciences are highly respected and a social science will blend in with english rs and media, espically sociology.

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