Should I Become A Doctor, Lawyer Or Something In The Travel Industry?

Interested In Becoming A Doctor But If I Do Decide To Become One I Have To Do An Extra Year Of High School Which is Year 14 And I Dont Want To Put Myself Through Another Year. I Have To Do This Extra Year Because When I Was Year11 This Is 3rd Year The Head Of Dept Science Said I just Have To Take 1 Science Subject When Really He Bullshited Me And I Was Suppose To Take Chemistry, Physics And Biology To Become A Doctor.. Now I Am About To Start My 2nd To Last Year If I Do This Year 14 Thing I Be School Another Year! My Friends Will Leave School And Finish Their Last Year This Year There Not In This Position Like Me. I Would Have To Make New Friends Etc. I Know My Friends Wont Be There For Me Forever So I Should Get Over It But I Shouldnt Have To Do Another Year Because Of A Teachers Mistake!

Considering Becoming A Laywer Only Because It Seems To Have A Good Source Of Income But I Aint Interested In Law

Travel Is An Option But I Dont Want To Be Away From My Partner Who I Derely Love

Answers:    Being a doctor might come across hard surrounded by the beginning but latter on within life you will see that it be a great decision. You should also do something you approaching. Law is great but if you don't like it next you are probably gonna fail it or be a doomed to failure lawyer. when you do something you love you more afterwards likely are to be angelic at it and thus get a moral salary
Do what you want. If you're interested surrounded by becoming a doctor then turn for it. Most of the time things won't turn out so bad and you will find that you made a right choice.

But thats a moment ago my opinion. Go for anything you feel close to and don't be afraid to take some risks.

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