8th grade..?

Question:I am 13 and I will br in the 8th grade on September 5. What are some things I should know? Like the homwork, the classes etc? How many of you will be in the 8th grade?

im in 9th and it is good we started august 16. but i think 8th was my BEST year. my classes were easy because i had amazing teachers. since that is the oldest class you have lots of responsibility. BUT dont worry that just means you get to know the teachers REALLY well and end up being friends. I also learned that most teachers react. what i mean is they dont usually start off being mean. if you offer to help them and be nice then you are pretty much set for the rest of the year. the best thing is anything you do will NOT affect you next year if you go to a different school for 9th-12th.

my advice is have FUN it is the best year of your life. and when you look back on the last year of middle school you want to be proud and happy with wat you see.

wish you luck
i just got out of the 8 th grade. its really not that bad just do your homework and study... i cant really tell you hwat its gonna be like cause it depends ont he school, but its just school you will be used to it by a week
Well I am in Grade 8 now and it's actually pretty hard (for me). Things you need to know are that the teachers are looking for "mature and responsible individuals who will transition well from a blubbering 7th Grader to a enthusiastic, controlled 8th grade", so my Math teacher says. The homework they have is very little but usually difficult. But if you are a diligent student, you should have no problems at all! Good luck! :)
I'm a junior (11th grade) and it depends on your school.

Teachers do get tougher on you, and you do get some more hw.
but it's kind of like going from 6th grade to 7th.

it's only a little harder. it's not like you're suddenly learning
caculas when you don't even know algebra.

Don't worry. and good luck ^-^
it depends like at my school they expect you to be "responsable" and "mature" teachers can be mean but they arent normally
-8th grader
8th grade. in my school thats the last year of middle school. this year i am going into the 7th grade so im sorry idk wat to tell ya. but i am guessing it will be way harder than 7th grade. the teachers may put a little more force on you, and you'll be feeling the pressure of School.
The homework is the same a little bit. Classes not difficult. Teachers preparing you for high school.

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