Are You Ready For School To Start?

school wow yes im so exited i cant wait lol
actually i dont mind school since its starting to get a little boring

oh and that was sarcasm in the begining if anyone was wondering
of course not, but I'll live, it's starting to get boring around here anyway. I'm getting stir crazy!
NOOOOO!! i really dont want school to start back up again!!
hellll nooooo
i want summer to last.. FOREVER mwhahahahahaha
helll no...summer is jus wayyyy too much fun
yeah iam this summer has been so boring and plus im starting highschool! so im excited!!:)
eh. i just wanna find out what team im on
and what teams my friends are on.
my summers ok.
NO!! i hate school!!
so and so
Im ready and then again Im not ~
im ready
this summer hasnt been much
i still live, but i'm ready to be around people my own age again
No, never, and I'm a teacher lol!
I'm completely ready for school, and I can't wait. Starts on Monday for me, and I'm genuinely excited.
umm... half of me yes. half of me no.

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