13th year of highschool and dreading every second. Any ideas (activities etc.) that can make it more bearable?

Question:I am in a german system in which i have 13 years of highschool. I cant take it anymore and though im not a bad student, thinking of just dropping out. Im ready to leave and explore! Do you guys have any ideas how i can make this year pass quicker? What helped you get through the last year when you really just wanted to bail?

It's obvious Maigen hasn't got a clue! LOL

But, on to YOUR problem. I've hosted several German students. You think YOU'VE got it bad, they graduated here in the U.S. but this year didn't count for them. SO, they had to return and do several more years of gymnasium (a year behind their friends!) all the while KNOWING they had already graduated here and could have gone to an American university.

But here's a bit of a light at the end of your tunnel ... your university system doesn't make you take all the "gen-ed" stuff you are taking in gymnasium! Our universities do (because our kids don't get it in high school). Sometimes our universities offer credit to foreign students for THEIR gymnasium classes too!

So, hang in there! You're almost done (do you have the military to go to or will you do civil service?). I'm sure there are a few good parties to attend and remember, your friends are all in the same situation.

One thing I wouldn't advise is quitting! From what I understand, your job situation over there isn't so great right now, and not going to some type of university won't help you!

Viel Gl├╝ck!
wow!!! 13 grades??!!! soo many grades..think that you're almost off to college!! just finish the year, and you can do whatever you want with your life
Sit by a window.
Americans go through 13 years of schooling too, it's not that big of a deal. Stop whining, grow up, and finish school. What kind of life will you have if you don't finish high school?

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