6th grade!!!?

Question:hi, im going to 6th grade in two days, whats 6th grade like, is it hard
P.s i go to a catholic school

no, but ienjoy it!

i miss being a kid so much, no worries- really make the most of it, academically strive for the best, and really discover the type of person you want to be!

best of luck, WOOh have fun! :)
sixth grade isen't hard, have fun.
6th grade is easy, just remember to enjoy it while you can.
Nope, the whole year is pretty much a review of what you've learned.
ooo 6th grade, just **** around lol, 6th grade matters for nothing, have a good time!
I didn't like going to a Catholic school when I was around your age (and I'm not even religious, not to mention Catholic)... And no, it's not hard if you try hard and if the teachers don't hate you, but that's just my opinion.
kewl~ ^_^ Trust me, 6th grade ain't so hard. You might actually love your year in 6th grade(my favorite year). It's like reviewing what you learned in 5th grade except some additional stuff added to your studies. It's pretty easy.
No.its not hard at all if you just try! I'm in highschool now but it seems like just yesterday I was starting 6th grade! lol! So just enjoy it while you can, keep your grades up, and most importantly..HAVE FUN!! <3

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