Can some one help me analyze this quote?

Question:its from lord of the flies :“He … gazed at the green and black mask before him, trying to remember what Jack looked like.”

can you give me tips and ideas...btw my response has to be minimum of 250 words. thanks for the help !

You can do it. Talk about Jack's lost sense of self, how he's no longer the human he was before--this mask is all that's left of him...or maybe this IS the real Jack? The root human is this evil thing? It's a question I think the author is exploring (by the way, I come down on choice a, but I think Golding may not). Anyway, you can find supporting examples and quotes to show Jack losing himself (or, for the other side, all of them degenerating into savagery). Good luck.
Slap your teacher, 250 words is impossible for such a minor quote, I don't even remember it.

Oh.. on track.
Jack became so savage that ralph forgot who he was before all the madness.

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