Any one have any cute sayings??

Question:i need some cute sayings, qoutes, ect.

if you have a website ill take that too

xoxo! thnkx

it can be done
it should be done
it will be done...
Wanna see the soles of your feet my wing mirrors?
That was a friends chat up line years ago - i was way too shy, he didnt even have a car! He never got anywhere either!


I always give 100% at work.
Moday 24%
Tuesday 18%
Wednesday 26%
Thursday 13%
Friday 19%
Snootchie Bootchies!!! -jason mewes
Snoogins!! -jason mewes
if it moves kill it, if isn't moving burn it.-one of my friends
candy is dandy but liquor is quicker- willy wonka
save oxygen...shut up-a picture i saw.
oh fudgamonkies!- me, myself, and i

ok so sum of htem aren't cute but...i love em!!
he who laughs last thinks the slowest

This is Jamaican:

Chicken merry hawk deh near
I want that one guy.. Who doesn't mind if i eat more than him, Who listens to all my problems & fears, Who doesn't mind my sarcasm, Who sings along to all my favourite songs with me, Who will talk to me about Anything & Everything, Who is never to shy to hold my hand or hug me, Who knows i act crazy & weird sometimes but still loves me, Who laughs at my stupid jokes then tells me they're stupid, I want the guy who will hold me tight and whisper..I Love You xo.♥

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