Can anyone give me some good slogans for the protection of the ozone layer????

Lose it and you'll never find it again
"Save some O3 4 Me.." Then show pictures of babies and fluffy animals...
Keep the Ozone from becoming the NO zone

Don't just say
NOzone to the Ozone
1. Stop polluting or we'll kill your dog. If you don't have a dog, we'll get you a dog...and then kill it.

2. Hitler hated the ozone. You're not like Hitler..are you?

3. Pollution free is the way to be.

4. Don't a flute (or buy a suit, play with a newt, etc, etc).

5. For every square foot of the ozone that is destroyed, a baby harp seal dies.

6. Who wants to get those greedy sunblock executives rich anyway?

7. Save the albinos!

8. No ozone..more sunburn...less sex.
Keep the Ozone from becoming the NO zone

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