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Question:" its never too late to give up your own prejudices?"

-do u agree or disagree with this quote??
-what do you think it means??
if u dont know thanks anywayss =]
pleasee explain it to me if u do know the meaninggg <33
i will appreciate it!

I'll just take a guess okay?! =) Since it sucks to not have any answers for a certain question..

okay, I think that it means, it's never too late to change yourself if you are a type of person who is prejudice (whether it is people or whoever/whatever it is you are judging).

People say that prejudice is a bad thing and that no one should judge people, so with this saying, it is telling you that it's never too late to become a better person.

By giving up your own prejudices, you will learn to connect with people who are different from you and the world would be a better place!

=) lol. Sorry if it doesn't help.
I do agree with this quote.

To me, it means that it is never too late to change my mind about something. For instance, if I were to learn new facts or circumstances pertaining to a particular matter, it may influence my thoughts and reactions.

Prejudices are when you adversely prejudge an entire group of people without any real knowledge of facts with which to form judgment. This pertains to racial and ethnic diversity, as well as religious choices. It can also pertain to any other group of people: for instance, if someone dislikes people because they have red hair or freckles, or someone thinks that anyone who owns dogs are stupid and smelly.

The quote you listed is a quote telling people that it is ok to give up their prejudice when they have grown enough to realize the prejudice is worthless or pointless.
Before i explain this phrase lets see waht does prejudice mean...
The word perjudice means-An unreasonable dislike of a particular group of people or things, or a preference for a particualr group of people or thing over the other.

So when we use the phrase -"Its never too late to give up up your prejudice," we basicaaly mean to say that it is never to late to give ouor grudges or dislikes against a particular group of people or things. Over here we see prejudice as a negative trait , so the phrase stresses on leaving those negative traits.

I definitely agree with the phrase, i strongly believe that it is never to late to give up on your prejudices as long as one is determined to make a change for the good
I think it means, that you are never too old to change your ideologies, or beliefs when you find out they are wrong.And i totally agree with it.

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