Can anybody tell me the exact meaning of this phrase or saying?

Question:"SWEET ARE THE USES OF ADVERSITY", I have to write an essay on it, i don't want to write on the wrong lines, so please help me out...Thanks.

once you have faced any manner of adversity then you are stronger and can use all that you learn from it in positive ways
This means that "to the optimist"-I'm assuming:

One can turn a bad situation into a good one by using the 'lessons learned' from difficulty.

What this phrase might mean to the 'freeloader', or 'one who plays the "system" ' as a means of their own survival in our society, this phrase "Sweet are the uses of adversity", could mean quite a lot. For instance, " Alright baby! We got the milk, peanut butter, O.J. right at our door with WIC,and next week we get the keys to our own $80 a month 3 bedroom fully remodeled house. Hey, we're doin' alright huh'? Now we got enough for cable TV AND we can get our nails done with that check they're gonna' send us... hey, where'd the kids go??"

" Huh? WHAT kids?"

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