"A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE",does anyone know what the heck this is supposed to mean??

I guess if you catch a seam that is starting to open early, then you won't have to make a major repair later. Once something starts to fall apart, it is easier to fix it at the beginning than to wait until later when it will be more work to fix it.
Fix a problem right away, don't wait until it becomes bigger. The quotation means the same as "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." The "stitch in time" was probably created by a home-maker. If you find a small hole in a piece of clothing or anything made of cloth, fixing it right awy will prevent it from getting bigger.
its one of th most widely used phrases...
it means... th damage thts done is t be mended as quickly as possible....
in th deeper sense...
it means tht if we hurt a person verbally or physically.
we ought t make it right as soonas possible
It means exactly what it says,you lose a stitch on your shirt,if you give it a stitch or two right away.It will save you the other 7-8 stitches later.
Whenever there is a tear and if you leave it like that, chances are that it might get torn still, and if you stitch it in time(meaning early), it will no get torn furhter. Therefore, a stitch in time saves nine (meaning more) that are bound to happen if you let it loose.
It used to have to do with burial at sea.
When someone died at sea, they were sewn into a sack, and 9 pounds of shot or some other weight was added to make the body sink. If the sack wasn't stitched properly, the weight of the shot would cause the sack to rip open, and the body would be released, and would eventually float back up.
So, "A stitch in time, saves nine." (pounds of shot wasted for nothing)

Housewives and mothers eventually started using the phrase themselves, when they would mend their childrens clothes. If they got right on a small rip or hole, it would save them from having to do more work when the hole got bigger.

If you address problems when they first happen, you will save time and prevent trouble in the future.

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