"the ends justify the means"?

Question:can anyone explain this to me? please!?
i really dont understand it

It means that if you have an important goal -- the "ends" -- then it doesn't matter what awful thing you have to do -- the "means" -- to achieve it. If you ever watch the show "24" you see this all the time: Jack Bauer has killed people -- sometimes innocent people -- in order to stop terrorists from setting off nuclear weapons and stuff like that.

Allow me to stress that not everybody believes this is true. To use the previous example, many people believe that murder is wrong even if you have a chance to save lives. Most of us probably fall somewhere in the middle. For instance, I don't like to tell lies, but when I prepared for my mom's surprise party, we sure didn't tell her the real reason we got her out of the house.
The "ends" are our end goals and the "means" are the specific actions we take to achieve those goals. "The ends justify the means" when the actions we take are considered acceptable because of the specific end results we want to achieve.

Example: "I would prefer to do things differently, but in this situation, the ends justify the means." This saying is often used in the negative: "I agree with your goal, but the ends do not justify the means."
Basically, this saying means that the process you have to go through to achieve a certain end is worth it. For example, going to college for 4 years is worth the time because you will reap the benefits all your life. A situation where the ends do NOT justify the means would be perhaps if you were given the choice of gaining millions of dollars by commiting Genocide. The process of Genocide is simply not worth the millions of dollars.
it basically means, was it worth it in the end.
"The ends justify the means" means that an improper action is sometimes allowable for a greater good.

An example? "The fireman had to break the window to save the baby from the burning building". (Breaking a window is usually a bad thing, but in this case it is justified by a greater good - saving a baby's life).

Most of the time the "ends" and the "means" are not as clearly lined out as in this case. Most of the time the problems are political in nature.

Be careful of "weasel words" like these. Many a bad "means" has been justified by a dubious "end".
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