Can anyone give me a quote about someone who feels that she's slowly falling for someone?

Question:so?? you feel like ur slowly falling in love with someone, maybe u cud even suggest a song..

no sorry...but girl make sure he is the one. The last thingyou want is a broken heart.
Beatles: Til There was you.

great song that I love.
Love song- covered by 311.

"True love is your soul's recognition of it's counterpoint in another" ~~Wedding crashers.
this isn't a quote but i love this one - lol enjoy~♥


12. you read his IM's over and over again
11. you'll walk really slowly while you're with him
10. you'll feel shy when you're with him
9. thinking about him will make your heart beat faster
8. you can't be mad at him for more than a minute
7. while looking at him you can only see him. nobody around
6. you'll start listening to slow songs.
5. he becomes all you think about
4. you'll get high just by their smell
3. you'll realize you're always smiling to yourself when you think about him.
2. you'll do anything for him
1. while reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time. <3

every guy asks me "what does that guy have that i don't?" and i say "my heart."

when i am older and my children ask me who my first love was, i don't wanna pull out an old album. i wanna point across the room and say "he is right there."

you're the only one that can actually spread a smile accross my face when i'm in a bad mood. =)

i have more quotes. you can always email me.

Good Luck~♥

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