" When life throws you lemons, make lemonade !"?

Question:What does this quote mean ??
Thanks in advance :)

What ever life throws at you make the best of it.

It also means that what ever is looked on as being bad could actually be better than you think. Lemonade is better than no lemonade(especially on a hot day), dont you think?

Not everything that seems negative is actually negative so just think positively and you may find that what you thought was a bad deal may actually be good.
Make the very best you can out of what life throws at you!! Try and find the best way out of problems.
Make the best of a bad situation.
It means make the best of a bad situation.
That's a stupid expression. A lemon is something that doesn't work or is always broken. You can not make a drink out of them.

Life doesn't throw you stuff, you have to go out and get things.

If you are always getting "Lemons" you must be going out and getting lemons. While it is always good to make the best of a bad situation (the intention of the saying) You should quit going out and bringing home lemons.

Do you think all you deserve in you life is lemons?

Change you attitude and quit with the stupid sayings.
It often happens that we can make some good come from the bad things that happen to us, and actually use them to our advantage. It all depends on the attitude.
it means that when life gives you a bad deal take advantage of it and make it into something good. Another way of saying it is that you should take advantage of adversity.
This quote simply means, take something bad in life, like sour lemons, and turn it into something good, like lemonade!
I think it means for us to do the best you can with what life throws at us. Like, don't give up on what you have(abilities, talents,etc.) do the best you can.
When you're given extreme/not good circumstances, make the best/most of it that you can.

Take the bitter and make it sweet.
Make the best of a bad situation....always find the positive in the negative.if you look hard enough you can.
It means make the best of things. Even when bad things happen try to find the positive.
Make the best out of a "sour" situation.
I make margaritas myself!
Andy Milonakais makes beef stew..
This means that I watched too much television last year
It means make the best of the negative things that happen in you life.

But I prefer : "When life gives you lemons, say 'Yeah, lemmons are good. But have you got anything else?'"

what ever life throws at you then do it i suppose.

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