Can anybody please tell me what this quote is?

Question:There is a quote by a female saint, I want to say saint mary, but I odn't think that is right, maybe saint margaret, i'm really not sure, anyways, it basically says something like there is no big difference only small ones, something like that...please help me, if you know it, please tell me, it is greatly appreciated...thank you in advance!

I really don't know but I don't agree with the quote.
There are not only small diverences...Possibly find
a better quote.
first of all, i think a lot of people have said that throughout history.

second, if this "saint" was lived a long time ago (like more than 100 years), the chances that this person actually said something in particular is very very slim. after a certain amount of time, history gets so jumbled that it becomes myth.
probably saint Margaret said this but no one can be sure since you do not know the exact quote.

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