Crucible quote?

Question:what does this quote mean? " Their fathers had, of course, been persecuted in England. So now they and their church found it necessary to deny any other sects its freedom, lest their New Jerusalem be defiled and corrupted by wrong ways and deceitful ideas"

It means the same thing as this line from a popular song from the Sixties:

Meet the New Boss.
Same as the Old Boss.
The pilgrims were originally persecuted in England. Therefore they moved to Holland.

In Holland they found too much freedom around them. They were readily tolerated, but they feared they would be corrupted by the freedom surrounding them. It was hard for them to maintain their identity because of all the corrupting influences around them.

Therefore they migrated to the New World aboard the Mayflower and other ships. This new land was their New Jerusalem. They sought to create an exclusive society without the corruption of other religions and other lifestyles, which they felt would water down their own society. Just as in Holland, they wanted to create a society that was insulated against ideas they didn’t find compatible

Important: they were NOT looking to establish a society where all religions could practice together. They sought a society in which they could prace their religion free of external influences.

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