Does anyone know who wrote this poem? (partial, I ran out of space)?

Question:We were travelling north to sing and play, clouds overhead warned of rain all day, we worked hard all week and didn't sleep, the ride was quiet I fell asleep. I dreamed that there were Unicorns.
I dreamed I saw them wild and white, their sudden beauty lit the world, like the brightest star on a winter's night. Pure as love with manes of milk, they danced and pranced and cried aloud, bright as rainbows round the stars, their eyes were soft and sad but proud.
I wept for the wild and dirty world to which this beauty now was lost, I cursed the hungry mind of man that feeds the future at such cost.
My head was bowed, my eyes were closed, when in my ears their voices rang, and these few words lodged deep inside, my very soul as their voices sang:
We never really went away, you always knew that we were here, remember how to look for us, you'll see that we were always near. I raised my head to seek them out, the world was empty all around, the rain was falling from the sky, it drowned all

Written by Bill Caddick
arranged for recording by Chris Foster and Graham Pratt
yep it was bill caddick. hope this helps you for wateva u want to know it for but ye it was defo bill caddick
i know.its not written by
I have no idea but its so beautiful, I hope someone comes up with the answer for you...I want to know now too.

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