What does this quote articulate to you? "sometimes i stir roughly within pity.?

...for myself and all the while a great entwine carries me across the sky"

i grain like its adage 'life go on' in a style. also, pitying yourelf is a waste of time/life, etc.

curious what others get the impression when they read this

Answers:    They are saying that even though they are depressed at the situation, and as they step through life man depressed, there is still a small bit of jollity inside that helps them get on.
It seems that the author of this quote pities themselves for how miserable their duration is and/or how hard it is, but adjectives the while "a great wind" is actually carrying them through their difficulties. Much resembling a God/Jesus figure carrying you through the hardest times of duration and feeling pity on yourself for how difficult you own it.

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