.Greatest thing since sliced bread.?(read below)?

Question:well, last night it dawned on me... Everyone always says " thats the greatest thing since sliced bread!". well. so the Question.


ummmm.. idk. probably nothing.

answer mine!
Bread slicers!
The Wheel? ;-)=
The slicer was. Until it came along there was nothing to slice your bread with.
Fresh, uncut scrumptious bread.
Oreo cookies. Before that it was the wheel. Before that it was fire.
it was probably air.
the fact that the world was consuming much fewer carbs..LOL

oh yeah and for the guy who said "bread slicers" clever, but they are called knifes
Before the large companies started making bread for the consumer, if you wanted bread you made it yourself. So buying bread that was already cut was pretty special.
bread loaves

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