Can you explain thes Quotes!!??

Question:1. "Stay the course. Don't panic."
2. "Put your foot down"
3. "To be brainwashed, first you have to have a brain."
4. "Better late than ever."
5. " The talents of the students, the sky's the limit."

please help me!!

1. Keep yourself calm and just focus on what you have to do. Do not let others sway you from your plan.
2. This means make a stand and tell that someone that you've had enough. Be firm on your decision and do not let others tell you otherwise. Its kinda like saying, its your turn to be heard.
3. Being brainwashed means you believe in everything a person says or do and you do this voluntarily and you decided yourself that you will believe this person. For someone, like a child, who hasn't fully understand yet, one cannot say that they are brainwashed because they do not know any better. Children follow what they see. Unlike adults who should have a brain of their own.
4. I think it should be BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. I'll explain it by relating it to our everyday lives. Its your friend's birthday today. You forgot and only remembered it the next day. Being a good friend, you brought her a gift and gave it to her one day after her birthday. It's better to give a gift even if it was after the occasion than saying that you totally forgot her birthday. Your friend would be more thankful and appreciative. At least you never forgot it, it just got delayed.
5. There are countless possibilities. The Sky's the limit meaning there is no limit. It goes on and on and as it pertains to a student, I think they mean the youth. It relates to the saying "the children is our future." Being young, there are so many things that they can do and we cannot tell just by looking at them that they are not bound for great things.
no, not really
1) Keep to the original plan. Don't let the little things distract you from the final goal.

2) Hold firm or steady. Don't let someone change your mind.

3) An insult implying that someone is stupid.

4) This one should be "Better late than NEVER." It means it's better to do a job slowly than to not do it at all.

5) You can do anything you want, as long as you work hard at it.
Stay the course mean to stay on track.Don't panic means calm down.To be brainwashed, first you have to have a brain means To succeed you need to have to have the right materials.Better late than ever means its better to to showup and then not showing up at all eg.late to school.The talents of the students, the sky's the limit means that we have endless possibilitys for the future (eg.we can be a lawyer,police,almost anything).
1. Like dont be afraid
2. dont agree with some smart
4.i really dont know!
5.u could be as good as u want theres no limit.

plz answer mine!
1. Be patient.
2. Be firm. Don't allow others to take advantage of you.
3. Indicates that someone is too lacking in intelligence for anything to have an influence on them. Just an insult really.
4. "than never" - It's better to do something late than not at all.
5. The second part means anything is possible. The first part I don't understand either.

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