Define "Personality", can a begger have a personality? Analyse.?

Personality is the supreme realization of the innate idiosyncrasy of a living being. It is an act of high courage flung in the face of life, the absolute affirmation of all that constitutes the individual, the most successful adaptation to the universal condition of existence coupled with the greatest possible freedom for self-determination.”
- Carl Gustav Jung, 1934
No analyzing, if you live and can think, you have a personality!
Personaltiy has got two meanings. One is out wardly look.
and another Inner personality that is called KNowledge or
intellectuality. Why begger will not have personality. Begger
may have inner personality. He may not be having money
that would have been reason for not wearing good clothes.
He may not be having money for fooding. He may not have
shelter that would have been the reason he/she used to spend life time on the road. He/she would have not taken
bath for months together some time years together. Beggers may not have out ward personality.
the beuty is related to face and personality is related to body
so there is no issue for bagger and reachest person
Which begger would you prefer to give alms , a begger who looks too weary, a sort of lame,deaf,blind dumb all in one or the one who has everything proper but looks weary. Who appeals to your kindess more?
If I'm right than its the one who is Handicapped in every sort of its way , This is Personality ,the ones which makes other you appealing to others and make aware of your presence ,
Personality depends upon ones attitute as well , The attitute you have will give a definition to your personality.
Cannot answer at the same level as Varun D but yes a beggar can have a personality. Absolutely. I have met some characters in my time. Know what. some of them have more empathy than the average guy in the street. These are normal people like you and I. Everything works other than the drive to earn and burn.

Personality is something that has been built up in an individual through trials and tribulations encountered on the path of life. Many of these people have had a lifetime of bad experiences.. and it shows. Integrity and honor are evident in many of them .. I see these things as an integral part of a Personality. Humor, another important attribute. They can and do laugh at each others jokes and experiences. Many of them are honest people who would never break a rule other than loitering. So, they came unstuck somewhere along the line due to an insurmountable financial or emotional problem.. that cannot be held against them. They are flesh and blood just like us and therefore we should respect them...
Personality means living in dignity, without hypocrisy or dishonesty. Beggars do not have any personality.
personality is one's outerself, with good clothing, neat and clean figure, splendid manners, good nature and show of wealth.
A beggar doesn't possess all these.
Personality can be defined from within many frameworks, but psychology seems to have the most articulate, and least poetic. From a science point of view personality, those individual differences among people, can best be described by five factors, hence the name Five Factor Personality. This is a research driven model and there is 50 years of research on it.

A great assessment can be found at the the fine folks at the ipip site have some good materials. Just because this assessment is on line does not make it Cosmo quality.
Personality is the measure of one's ability to be remembered favorably by others through direct social interaction. yes a beggar can have personality - money is not a factor. Anyone who is a person can be remembered for how they act.

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