Does anyone know any latin phrases or sayings about knowledge?

Scientia est potentia (Knowledge is power).
Ipsa scientia potestas est (Knowledge itself is power).
Carpe diem.
In vino veritas.

In wine there is truth.
Scio me nihil scire - I know that I know nothing. Certain knowledge cannot be obtained.
scientia quae est remota a justitia, calliditas potius quam sapientia est. -Cicero. knowledge that is separate from justice is better called cunning than wisdom.
scientia nihil aliud est quam veritatis imago. -Bacon. Science is nothing other than the image of truth.
scientia est potentia. Knowledge is power.
scientia sol mentis. Knowledge is the light of the mind. (UD motto)
scientia ultima stat pretio ultime. Ultimate knowledge costs the ultimate price.

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