About a quote?

Question:I really wish I had more information on this but I'm looking for a quote a find some time back.

It talkes about everything they've seen in their life...then at the end it say "I want to see the world through you" or something pretty similar.

Sorry it's not much to go off of.

"When I think I'm going to die, it's your life that flashes before my eyes..."
I first heard that as a joke, but maybe it's considered quite romantic now, I don't know!

Then again it could be the wrong quote entirely. But don't give up! It may even be a poem you're searching for if it talks about "EVERYthing they've seen in their life..."
a rainbow always brings sunshine to a world and blocks the storms. if i could reach one i would pull it down and write your name on it then put it back to show the world how my llife has become so colorful by knowing you.

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