Campaign slogans or catchy phrases..?

Question:Hey I really need campaign slogans, i'm running for class president in my school my name is christabelle, pls help me.there's so many student running pls i need ur help payce

Irrestible Christabelle for Class -----------------!
I know I shouldn't say it, but..."If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true." Wow, I havn't thought of that in years! When I was in grade 12 every candidate used that one.
Hey, you wont win because of the catchy phrase. Dont you know that? Think for a minute. Take a long breath. Why do people win a contest. Do you know? It's because people think they will do a good job. Isnt that it? Sure it is.
How about Christabelle is really swell. Make her the leader.
She really cares.

One hell of a Belle

religion sells
Mmmmm, i say something like "Vote 4 Christabella" for a better bella school.
I think that is catchy i am sure you know what bella means if not it means for a better beautiful school.

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