Do thse two sayings have different meanings?

Question:when someone says "good to hear from you," is the person being nice or something..when someone says "great to hear from you", is the person happy or they have different meanings..

I take it as a genuine greeting and seek no deeper meaning within it
I think they basically mean the same thing. Great to hear from you just means they're happier about it.
Although normally "great" implies a larger degree of satisfaction than "good", I've never really thought there was a distinction between the two - if there is it's my subconcious making a decsion.
If you know the person, you should also know if "Good (or great) to hear from you" is sincere or just a noise coming out of their mouth. A warm smile means more than any pretty speech.

Don't worry about the exact words, because I don't think the other person gave them much thought at all.
I think they mean the same thing, although, great could mean that the person is happier about it.
I think they basically mean the same thing but I would rather hear someone tell me "It's great to hear from you".
It sounds to me like the person telling me this is truly glad and it has a little stronger (in a good way) meaning.
Both, in todays world, are a Blessing to hear, especially in a world that seems so self-absorbed and uncaring. Take what you can get of the positive words in life!
its the same. just different words used, good and great just based on the person who said it.
Basically, they mean the same. The person is happy to hear from someone they have not heard from in a long time. The second expression is probably said when they have not heard from the person for a very,very long time.

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