" It takes a village to raise a child."What does this adage mean,Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Question:What impact does this statement have on the juvenile justice system?

This is a dicussion question in one of my next classes, just thought I would get different opinions.

I think it means that the immediate family aren't the only people responsible for helping to raise a child. It also includes extended family, close friends, siblings, the children that your child plays with etc. And by raising a child I don't just mean that they have to be responsible for the care and discipline. Primarily, for those who aren't directly involved, I think it can mean setting a good example. I've seen with my kids (three year old twins) that they are excellent mimics. They heard me swear a couple of times and they started doing it. Now that I've stopped swearing, they have too.

As for the juvenille justice system, it means holding children accountable when their actions violate the law. At times, it may also mean holding the parents accountable as well. Specifically if they had any sense that there child was doing something illegal.
gosh before i became a mom i didnt agree but boy my attitude is anyone who is in my sons life...well they better be stepping up and setting a good example for him because to me if you have any kids in your life whether they are yours or not, you have a responsibility to do right by them...i am not with him 24/7 so i count on others to do right...teachers, family, friends who take care of him...even neighbors...we all have a responsiblity to our kids!
It takes a village, teachers Dr,s wise people, nuturing, lots of love, each in the village has an important role.
in the animal kingdom and most native tribes ALL elders are authority figures who guide and discipline the young. wouldn't work in our society where parents fail to control and love to sue others, and where government thinks it must control every aspect of society.
I don't think that it "takes" a village to raise a child. But i do think that society as whole has as much impact on any one, as thier own family does. The fact is what happens outside the home has of a greater impact than what any single family could effect. This is a sad fact for the juvenile justice system, because the jits are growing up in such a corrupt age, their is little anyone can do anymore.
There are many times that a parent is not able or in a position to instruct or to intervene or to rescue from danger or to educate and in a "village" people don't worry about law suits they interact and aid in the upbringing of all the village children and expect others will do likewise, it goes unsaid and anything less would be tantamount to shirking responsibility.

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